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ooc ♦ q&a meme

Ask a question about or relating to Atsuko and I'll reply with a miniessay explaining my answer. It can be anything from "How would he react to ____" or "Would he ____" or "What are his thoughts on ____" or whatever. Ask as many as you'd like.


log ✯ locked to kazuki & keita

[ saturday ♣ june 7 ♣ daytime ]

[waiting in front of the dorms]



Isn't Corruzione the group that bombed a mall or something?

[[hint hint; check out some of the rumors]]


locked to neostrega ♠ unhackableCollapse )

Anyone see the new camera that was put into stores today?


...Kazuki, did you steal my undergarments?


log ✯ locked to kazuki

[ sunday ♣ april 27 ♣ daytime ]

[there are two small suitcases and one semi-large one by the foot of the bunkbeds. there is also a questionable shota climbing up the latter. go go claiming your territory]



Nothing really happened today. It was kind of boring. We didn’t have a photography club meeting today either, so I didn’t have anything much to do.

I should probably finish moving my stuff to the dorms, but I’ll do that later. But since I didn’t really meet anyone last time I came by, I guess I’ll just say hi now to get past formalities.

If anyone sees this in the first place, but whatever.

[locked to neostrega ♠ unhackable]

Well, the if you other two don’t know about it—because I know Takaya knows—I’ll be working in S.E.E.S for awhile. Kind of undercover but not as flashy.

If you need information or something, ask.